Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2015 Colette Opticians Diner Lucy Hunt
2015 Liberis Testimonial Satisfied customer Matt Hopper
2014 Daft Vaduh! Daft Vaduh/The Emperor Daftv Productions
2014 Checkpoint Pilot Training Program Narrator Latitude Aviation English Services
2014 Sures Kumar Documentary Presenter Royal College of Art
2014 Naama Schendar Art Installation Toxic Prisoner Royal College of Art
2014 Naama Schendar Art Installation Flower Prisoner Royal College of Art
2013 Radio Twenty Voice over Stephanie Ranson
2013 The Tell-Tale Heart Police Officer University of Westminster
2009 The Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers - By Popular Demand Arranger/Vocalist/Bass Trombonist SRC
2006 The Music Of The Royal Engineers Composer Specialist Recording Company (SRC)
2005 Bandstand Favourites Vol. 5 Arranger/Voice Over/Vocalist/Bass Trombonist DROIT MUSIC
2004 Bandstand Favourites Vol. 4 Arranger/Vocalist/Bass Trombonist DROIT MUSIC
2002 Bandstand Favourites Vol. 3 Vocalist/Bass Trombonist DROIT MUSIC
2001 Bandstand Favourites Vol. 2 Vocalist/Bass Trombonist DROIT MUSIC
2000 Bandstand Favourites Vol. 1 Vocal Soloist/Bass Trombone DROIT MUSIC